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topic posted Mon, October 17, 2005 - 5:54 PM by  SKULL BANGER
Its been a long time since I took one to the kidneys, but last night sparring with my son he landed a beautiful knee on me during a tie up that is now killing me!!

Any ideas/suggestions/known remedies recommended??

Not bad enough to go to the doctor, and of course it will pass in a few days, but interested what others do.

Back in my fighting days I kept plenty of stuff at the ready including Dit Da Jow for such an occurrence. Unfortunately I haven't had a need for it until my son starting MMA. Any home remedies similar to or in the absence of DitDaJow?
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    Mon, October 17, 2005 - 6:00 PM
    sometimes you can find pre-made Dit da jao in chinese herb shops... that way you don't have to wait months for the herbs to steep.
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      Tue, October 18, 2005 - 4:56 AM
      One remedy may be simple "Tiger Balm"
      But because I want to be a nice's "Western Herb Dit Dow Jow: receipe that works as well as the oriental stuff...still got to brew it though...
      Dit Da Jao recipe

      Arnica blossoms (anti-inflamatory, pain relief)
      Comfrey (anti-inflamatory, pain relief)
      Blessed Thistle (blood purifier)
      Goldenseal root (antibiotic, wound healing)
      Ginger root (circulation, wound healing, pain relief)
      Myrrh (antiseptic, circulation, wound healing)
      Sasparilla root (blood purifier)
      Witch Hazel (anti-inflamatory, pain relief)

      Use equal proportions of all the herbs (OK, myrrh is a
      resin) listed, by weight. I measure them out on a small kitchen scale (mine is calibrated in
      grams, but American versions no doubt do ounces).

      Grind the herbs in a mortar & pestle (or electric
      grinder) and place them
      in a glass jar. Add 80 or 90 proof grain alcohol (I use vodka/or Scotch…it’s the alcohol that matters)); use 4
      ounces of dried herbs to one pint of alcohol base (or
      proportions). Seal the jar tightly. Allow the infusion to work for two
      weeks; once or twice a day, swirl the liquid gently
      through the herbal
      mash. After two weeks, strain off the liquid and
      discard the herbal
      residue; pour into smaller glass containers.

      This tincture can be applied as is to swollen or
      bruised areas, or can be
      mixed with a thickener (like lanolin or safflower oil)
      and a hardener (like
      beeswax) to make an ointment. This formulation has also
      been effective
      in the treatment of arthritis, for pain relief and
      restoration of range of

      Hope this helps,

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        Tue, October 18, 2005 - 5:51 AM
        Hey, nice recipe rick. I think I'll try that out.
        Arnica is another thing you can get already tinctured at the health food store, and it works great on bruises, injuries, and pain all by itself.
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          Tue, October 18, 2005 - 9:12 AM
          Thanks! It is indeed a good recipe. Now that the kid is fighting it does make sense to start keeping my own stock of remedy on hand.
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            Tue, October 18, 2005 - 4:15 PM
            you can get good jow at 10th and webster there's a small chinese store on the hillside of the street going up that has some prety potent rusted metal or deer antler but you can't expect the best...hehe
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              Tue, October 18, 2005 - 5:46 PM
              Thanks for the local inventory. I do need something now and am not a real fan of OTC stuff in US.

              Update on the injury...

              Bruised kidney, bruised thoracic and very, very bad spasming thoracic muscle lining. Good news is the ribs are in tact and the kid is really learning how to focus his Qi.
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                Re: Dit Da Jow - injury remedy

                Thu, October 20, 2005 - 6:10 PM
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                  Wed, October 26, 2005 - 11:12 AM
                  I have located an excellent little shop in Cupertino next to one of the Ranch 99 Markets!

                  Found the Zheng Gu Shui liiment I needed and was happy to also pick up several of the internal Tieh Ta Wan.

                  Mixing my herbal remedies with the science of Dr. prescribed Diazepam I am now able to function with moderate pain rather than suffer with extreme pain.

                  Addionally now that I am aware through xrays that nothing is broken, I will begin meditation and qi focus to further improve the healing time.

                  Thanks to all for your input and willingness to listen to my previous plea for a manner to make a long since forgotten pain of injury to go away.